One Month In

Our new home is in an exquisite location.  Lush, impeccably maintained grounds, beautiful golf course, amenities like a full gym, restaurants, pools, outdoor sport activities, and miles of paved and unpaved trails on which to walk, run, or drive your golf cart.  And beaches, of course!

Berry and Cubby have adjusted so much better then I thought they would.  In California, they had a big house and a doggie door from which to access a big yard whenever they wanted or needed.  Here in PR, we are in a Penthouse condo.  It’s quite spacious, and we have a deck off the living room, but no yard and of course no doggie door.  So, we take them out for walks several times a day to take care of business.  Often, they will do just that and then lead us down the driveway to go for a little hike along the trail.  One of their favorite things to do is to ride on the golf cart and go for a beach walk–a two mile beach walk!  Them being dachshunds possessing legs of 3″ long, a 2 mile walk pretty much leaves them sacked out on the sofa for the rest of the day.

Another favorite activity of Cubby’s is to go out on the deck.  From there he can survey what is for him the entire world!  And in true dachshund style, what he sees belongs to him.  He barks at the golfers, the landscape crew, the neighbors, even the airplanes and helicopters (there are three helipads here).  One would think this is an effort in futility, but look at it from his point of view–he barks, and they all go away!  Talk about positive reinforcement.

A bit of a sad note though, is that my horse, Woodstock, still cannot travel.  He sustained a global injury to his foot and leg last year, which left him quite lame.  After diagnosis, he has had several IRAP treatments and was on hand walk status only for 2 1/2 months, progressing to tack walk, and just recently allowed just a bit of a trot.  That foot has gotten consistently better, but it has also revealed a corresponding issue with the opposite hind leg.  We are treating that now.  I miss my boy so much!  I know he is in excellent hands with my trainers and vet there, but I still miss him and can’t wait for him to be here with me.

I do, however, have a horse to ride here.  Since I’ve been visiting Puerto Rico for the past three years, I found a stable not far from where I live, and have taken some training there every time I’m here.  When we decided to move, and since Woodstock couldn’t come yet, the trainer there found a lovely horse for me to lease.  She’s been a show jumper, topping out at meter-20 before taking a “vacation” in pasture for the past couple of years.  She needs a bit of a tune-up on some things, but she’s a really good girl.  Sweet mannered, no bad habits that I’ve seen thus far, willing to please.  I look forward every day to my time at the barn with her.

There is something that is desperately needed on ths island:  a tack store.  There is one, actually, but it is quite small and doesn’t carry a complete line of products that the English rider needs.  There is quite a large contingent of riders here that would love to see such a store here, or at least have better, more immediate access to products and clothing, and their only option is ordering from catalogs.  I am thinking hard about this–how could I provide such a service without opening up a brick and mortar storefront?  Any and all ideas are welcome–that is if anyone is reading this!



Same Us, Different Location

So, this is my first post on this new blog.  I’m new to blogging, by the way.  We have moved from southern Orange County, California, to Puerto Rico.  I have two miniature dachshunds, Cubby and Berry, and one horse, Woodstock.

The pups came on the plane with me, and were remarkably well behaved, garnering many oohs and aahs from airline staff and passengers along the way.

My beloved Woodstock has had to remain behind for the time being.  He sustained what’s called a global injury to his foot and lower leg late last year.  He is currently in treatment and rehab, and cannot travel.  It broke my heart to leave him, but he is in excellent hands, and I eagerly await his arrival when our vet says he can withstand the stress of the trip.

I’ll keep this first post short, but will expound upon the interesting little things that happened prior to and during the trip to PR, in the hopes that our experiences may help someone in the future.  I’ll also keep you (anyone who happens upon my little blog) abreast of Woodstock’s progress and how his travel goes.

Oh, I did add one more member to the family already–a pretty orange Veiltail beta fish (no name yet).

Signing off for now ☺️