He’s Here!

Just a short one this time.  I arrived at the barn around 7:15 yesterday, thinking I’d be there just ahead of Woodstock, but when I walked in, there he was in his new stall, looking out over the gate at me!

He was definitely “up,” as we horse people say.  And with good reason.  He was also off his feed all day, not wanting his lunch or dinner, barely picking at the hay grown here.  I gave him some Orchard grass, and he dove right into that!  Victor took him for a couple of walks, and he was good but marched out like a youngster–Victor was surprised to learn that he is 18 years old.

Today he is much happier, eating hs food and hay, taking his walks and stopping to munch on some grass, and standing quietly in the cross ties for grooming.  And when he’s happy, I’m happy!


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