Same Us, Different Location

So, this is my first post on this new blog.  I’m new to blogging, by the way.  We have moved from southern Orange County, California, to Puerto Rico.  I have two miniature dachshunds, Cubby and Berry, and one horse, Woodstock.

The pups came on the plane with me, and were remarkably well behaved, garnering many oohs and aahs from airline staff and passengers along the way.

My beloved Woodstock has had to remain behind for the time being.  He sustained what’s called a global injury to his foot and lower leg late last year.  He is currently in treatment and rehab, and cannot travel.  It broke my heart to leave him, but he is in excellent hands, and I eagerly await his arrival when our vet says he can withstand the stress of the trip.

I’ll keep this first post short, but will expound upon the interesting little things that happened prior to and during the trip to PR, in the hopes that our experiences may help someone in the future.  I’ll also keep you (anyone who happens upon my little blog) abreast of Woodstock’s progress and how his travel goes.

Oh, I did add one more member to the family already–a pretty orange Veiltail beta fish (no name yet).

Signing off for now ☺️



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